About Us

We translate contracts and agreements
for commercial legal teams.

We believe…

Legal teams should do more with less.

Legal translation is often a function with no home or internal stakeholder. Many teams rely on outside counsel or internal localization teams to translate critical legal documents when working internationally. Both options lead to less than ideal outcomes and we believe in a better way.

Outside counsel should be used for legal work, not translation work.

Legal teams are becoming smarter about when and why they engage outside counsel. As in-house teams grow in size, letting outside counsel manage your vendors makes less sense. Pay your law firms for lawyering and your vendors for other tasks.

Empower your internal team.

Forward thinking legal teams are setting up internal processes to help their staff get work done more efficiently. Legal translation becomes a larger need for businesses that are expanding into new markets. Set up systems that empower your team to better support their internal clients.

Develop playbooks to make outcomes predictable.

Processes that lead to predictable and successful outcomes help business leaders sleep well at night. We believe teams should set up playbooks with dependable vendors to set their work up for success.

Meet our founders.

Jason Boehmig (CEO) and Cai GoGwilt (CTO) founded Ironclad, Inc. to combat barriers to legal work that they encountered regularly as, respectively, a corporate attorney at Fenwick & West and a software engineer at Palantir Technologies.

Together, they built a team of Silicon Valley engineers, lawyers and legal professionals committed to building a simple, flexible and open solution for legal teams.

We empower legal teams
to work globally.

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