Contract Translation Services: What You Should Know

By ContractsGlobal    September 3, 2020

Why Contract Translation Services Are Important

Contract translation services translate and adapt commercial contracts so these contracts can be used internationally, helping you and your business expand into diverse markets. Accurate contract translation is essential when you are doing business in another country or with employees or clients who primarily work in a language other than your own. By using a lawyer to translate your contract, you will ensure that an experienced professional who both understands the legal nuances of your document and is fluent in the target language creates a clear and accurate contract for you to use.


All parties involved in a contract should have access to an accurate translation before the contract is signed. Additionally, accurate contract translation ensures that the contract will remain valid in various global markets. By preparing and updating your contracts for legal use in other countries, you will prepare your business for growth.

Additionally, there is an increasing demand for businesses to create multiple-language, dual language, and bilingual legal contracts. With many areas passing language discrimination laws to protect clients, businesses have a growing need to translate consumer agreements and contracts from English to languages spoken by limited English proficiency, or LEP, consumers. No matter the language you use to do business, you will always need access to clear legal agreements, legally binding contracts, and a range of essential paperwork.


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Who Uses Contract Translation Services?

Various parties require translation services for agreements and documents. This includes:

Private Individuals

Private individuals may need to use contract translation services when:

  • Buying or selling property: Individuals buying or selling property with a contract in a foreign language should use translation services to ensure translated paperwork is free of any errors.

  • Sharing intellectual property: Experienced translators can help make sure that any agreement that deals with the usage of intellectual property is clear and legally binding so that an individual's ideas are protected.

Law Firms

Law firms may need depositions and other sensitive legal documents translated for use in courts and beyond.

Corporations and Businesses

Corporations and businesses may need a wide range of important legal documents for the business, its employees, and its consumers translated. Documents that define the duties and rights of each party bound by the contract must be clear in any language used, and translation of these documents from one language into another requires close attention to detail and precision. 

Situations when businesses or corporations need contract translation services include:

  • Sharing of confidential information: Businesses will need to have an ironclad agreement in place if an employee or contractor is dealing with confidential information.

  • Creating employee contracts: Employers may need documents and contracts translated for use by employees for reasons including:

    • A business has employees who will work at an international branch of the business.

    • A business is subcontracting to a vendor whose employees speak a foreign language primarily as part of an international job.

    • A business has foreign employees who face challenges reading and understanding a contract written in the primary language of your business.

  • Providing services or products to consumers: Many businesses need to have accurately translated user agreements for current and future consumers in global markets.

What You Need in a Contract Translation Service

An effective contract translation involves the following:

  • Knowledge of language: When you need to have contracts translated, you must work with a professional translator who knows the target languages used in and out. Our contract translation services include native speakers of the target language, and our translators have the legal vernacular and skills needed to keep your contract consistent and within the legal framework of that target language.

  • Understanding of legal nuance: An understanding of the legal nuances of a contract will ensure that all aspects are maintained in the translation. As no agreements are identical, specialist translators with this in-depth legal understanding ensure that you can maintain the specificity of your contract. A lawyer is the best professional to translate legal documents.

  • Attention to detail: Even small errors can weaken a legal document, creating loopholes that affect a contract's terms or even rendering the document void. An effective translation by a lawyer will make sure the entire translation is accurate and complete.

  • Correct and thorough translation: Ambiguous wording can lead to problems with the validity of the contract. A contract must be clear so that all parties interpret the meanings of terms in the same way. Translation mistakes may in some cases be considered misrepresentation, so courts may throw out a contract they determine to be defective if they deem that a party has been misled to enter the contract. By working with a trusted contract translation service, you will ensure that your contract maintains its validity.


Experienced contract translation services will ensure that your documents are localized and accurately translated, creating clear, precise agreements in your target language and region of business. You can avoid problems from ambiguous contracts by working with a contract translation service you trust, like ContractsGlobal. Because our translators are also lawyers, your document will keep its legal nuances intact.

Types of Documents That Require Translation

You may need to have a variety of documents translated for your business. These include:

  • Brochures

  • Clinical trial agreements

  • Contracts/agreements

  • Corporate litigation

  • Employee contracts

  • Lease agreements

  • Legal transcriptions

  • Online learning modules

  • Operating instructions

  • Partnership agreements

  • Patents

  • Real-estate contracts

  • Regulatory documentation

  • User manuals

  • Websites

Certified and Standard Contract Translation Services

The style and deliverables of the translation will vary depending on whether you need a standard or certified translation. You should choose a type of translation based on your needs and project.

Standard Translations

Standard translations use an interpretive translation style to convey meaning. Businesses or individuals use these translations when the receiver does not require certification. You may choose to use a standard translation in certain cases when you are not submitting your contract to a government or court.

Certified/Sworn Translations

Translation style for certified or sworn translations is word-for-word, as these translations will convey the literal meaning of every component of a contract. These translations are for official use by entities such as:

  • Universities

  • Local governments

  • State governments

  • Federal governments

  • Courts

A certified translation includes three interconnected elements:

  1. The certified/sworn translation

  2. The original document or a scan of one

  3. The translator's signed and stamped declaration


You will typically need a certified translation when you are submitting a translation for official uses.

Types of Contract Translation Services

ContractsGlobal supports your translation projects for a variety of common document types. This includes:

  • Commercial Agreements, such as:

    • Distribution Agreements

    • Employment Agreements

    • Loan Contracts

  • Customer Agreements, such as:

    • Master Services Agreements

    • Sales Contracts

    • End User License Agreements

    • Service Agreements

  • Website Agreements, such as:

    • Terms of Service

    • Privacy Policies

    • Acceptable Use Policies

    • Data Processing Agreements


We can work with you to create accurate translations for today's globalized, digital world by working with knowledgeable lawyers to perform translations. Our experienced teams can ensure your contracts accurately reflect the languages required.

Benefits of Contract Translation with ContractsGlobal

Our teams of expert legal translators will work on your project based on their native language abilities and experience. We offer contract translation services for all major global business markets.

Our centralized teams of lawyers mean you can get top-quality, professional contract translation services at a lower cost than by working with international law firms or by using both a law firm and translation agency. We can handle all new contracts, for all new regions, for you.

Contract translation requires both precision and legal expertise. By using contract translation services that use lawyers to translate legal contracts, you will ensure that your documents are clear, concise, and accurate. Contact ContractsGlobal today to get started with your project.


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