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Korean Contract Translation

We’re proud to offer Korean contract translation to help our clients succeed in any and all business partnerships with South Korean entities, and with their Korean-speaking colleagues. At our translation boutique, we’ve seen firsthand that international business cooperation is the way of the future.

How We Can Help You Succeed

Our legal and contract translation services not only help you and your partners understand each other’s terms, they provide you with an opportunity to ensure everyone is comfortable so you can move on to pursuing your great projects.

  • We focus only on legal projects.
  • We also help with negotiations.
  • We also translate non-English language contracts into the English language as     well, which helps lawyers know exactly what your organization is about to     sign, or whether to request amendments.

Korean Legal Translation

Like the English language, the Korean language also has its own legalese, specific terms, and requirements. Common law and civil law require different types of translation, and our translation boutique can help you navigate these nuances while also considering legal customs you may come across.

Our translations are always clear, concise, and culturally-savvy. That’s because we vet all of our translators and check that they’re not only fluent in English-Korean, but that they understand legal terms, understand each country’s legal requirements, and are sensitive to your needs as a company.

English to Korean Contract Translation

For In-Country Use

Imagine going through the work of creating a service or project that will be used in South Korea. You will need to ensure that your English-language privacy statement, terms of service, and other agreements are available in Korean so your users and clients can understand what they’re signing up for.

Clarity is key to creating trust, so we make sure that Korean speakers won’t ever feel confused or have any reason to dispute you.

Korean to English Contract Translation

For Cross-Border Negotiations

Depending on the model of your business or partnership, you may receive a contract in Korean that needs to be signed before taking your next steps. We provide Korean-English translations that will help you and your legal team make the best possible decision.

For type of translation, our goal is to help you understand exactly what your partners want so you can check for any codes, conflicts, loopholes, or areas of improvement as you continue to make your negotiations.

We are also qualified to help you navigate the nuances of cross-border negotiations. Here is what this means for you:

  • We examine cultural ideas and behaviors that might affect the way negotiations are conducted.
  • We can help you understand the way your might clients might prefer to conduct their business, maintain their relationships, or how they feel about timeliness.
  • Our company can also help you understand cultural practices that influence the way Korean executives might prefer to handle negotiations so you can make a great and respectful impression.

Nowadays, most people are meeting and discussing agreements remotely, but remember your etiquette even then. We can help you understand greetings, unnecessary or taboo gestures or facial expressions, and how formal or informally you should carry yourself throughout the process.

Contract Translation Tips

We’ve developed a step-by-step process that allows us to work efficiently to deliver the best possible product to our clients. Our translators understand the sensitive nature of coming up with legal contracts, and that there are unique challenges to ensuring international agreements comply with all of the legal entities that will oversee what they do. That’s why we believe in working with our clients hands-on. Not only does this allow you to ask questions and tell us more about your needs, our process can help you save on legal costs in the long run by ensuring all written communication is clear from the start.

We look at all sorts of factors to make sure your contracts cover all necessary areas, such as:

  • Research of local legal terms
  • Expansion and/or elimination of legal text
  • Analysis of local and/or federal systems
  • Industry or subject matter considerations
  • Originality: make sure your contract and clauses don’t simply copy a template that could cause it to be too vague or even render your agreement void.

It never hurts to double or triple-check legal contracts or look at as many perspective as possible. We want to do our job correctly and carefully analyze every term, word, or phrase so it meets the right standards.

Types of Korean Contracts

We focus primarily on legal contracts, including privacy statements and terms of use or service. As Westerners, we’re used to doing things a certain way and though our services will help you achieve this, we also work to help you understand things you can expect from your Korean partners.

  • Multinationals that are prepared for anything. International and multinational companies may already have a legal team in place that understands the laws of your country and may even have experience in dealing with your legal system. In addition to already understanding where you are coming from, they may already have clear terms for you to abide by, and expect the same from you.
  • Smaller teams with vague or open terms. It’s common for smaller Korean companies to want to draft looser terms than you might be used to. This is because Koreans expect things to evolve and have room for interpretation. The technology sector is certainly an ever-changing landscape where this can be beneficial, but it may also raise questions on your end. Communication and cultural sensitivity will be key in these circumstances.

The types of contracts you can draft in Korea are endless, but here are some ideas on what you might see or need depending on your tech sector.

  • Commercial agency agreements. These types of contracts are great for people who want to understand the Korean market before establishing their presence or working with a subsidiary. This is useful in finding someone who understands their role with you, and can help you define your agent’s covered territory, scope of work, termination, authorization, and resolution or dispute methods.
  • Distribution and agency agreements. This type of contract defines who your organization’s distributor will be, and whether or not they will function as your agent. Consider how long you will work with this distributor/agent, whether or not you will exclusively work with them or hire others in the country, the type termination or dispute clauses you may need, and whether or not you will open up a franchise.
  • Non-compete agreements or NDAs. These agreements can help you protect your brand or organization and prove breaches of contract in court, if it ever comes to that.
  • Partnerships/Joint ventures. If you plan to go into a joint venture, it’s important that you sort out your terms and obligations. Because of the constant changes to the technological and digital sector, there may be other types of contracts that cover your needs because these can have too many provisions that may cause problems if you need to make quick adjustments.

Our translators and staff are ready to translate the documents you need to ensure success in your business dealings with Korean-owned and operated partners.

When it’s time for businesses to work indifferent countries, proper legal contract translation is essential to their business. Reach out to us today for legal contract translation services you can count on.

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