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Portuguese Contract Translation

A reliable Portuguese Contact Translation service provider is an integral part of a successful trans-border legal and business negotiation. We provide top notch contract translation services with a certified professional team and extensive experience in the industry.

  • Professional, reliable translation services.
  • Certified and experienced team of translators
  • Efficient, Fast, and Accurate Service that understands your particular needs.

Portuguese Legal Translation

Legal translation services are important components in successful international business transactions. Having a firm that specializes in Portuguese legal translation with a proven track record in the business can give you a peace of mind as you transact legalities and business in Portugal. You would want to make sure that everything written in your translated contract do not only carry the legal spirit of the original document, but that every line in the document is translated accurately without leaving room for other interpretations.

Navigating the legal world is a challenging feat and you would rarely see someone having an ell-encompassing knowledge on various industries’ legalities. This is why our contract translation services connects you to a pool of professional translators with different experiences to meet your needs.

Our standards in our services are rooted in our deep understanding of the requirements, complexities and challenges of reliable legal translation.

  • We understand the importance of accurate legal translation and the dangers of incorrect translation, so we ensure 100% translation accuracy.
  • We have a pool of legal professionals to cover all industries needing legal translation, recognizing the unique legal dynamics of different businesses.
  • Legal translation is not merely translating to other languages but it must protect the legal essence of the document and leave no room for any other interpretation that can compromise its purpose.
  • Businesses work against the clock and we understand the need for accurate, but speedy delivery of Portuguese legal translation for the benefit of our clients.

English to Portuguese Contract Translation

For In-Country Use

English as an international language is used as ad hoc medium in drafting legal documents like contracts. However, challenges arise when dealing within-country usage when the document need to be better understood in the local language for better transaction and for the purpose of transparency.

Our English to Portuguese Contract Translation services are highly reliable and performed by our certified professional English to Portuguese translators with an extensive experience in the businesses.

  • Accurate and reliable English to Portuguese translation.
  • Supervised by English and Portuguese legal professionals for 100% accuracy.
  • Fast turnaround and overall efficient translation service.

Portuguese to English Contract Translation

For Cross-Border Negotiations

Portuguese companies and parties require accurate contract translation for cross- border negotiations. Translation of contract from Portuguese to English has to be done seamlessly for ease of business transactions and to make sure that all contract provisions are included and not misinterpreted.

Unreliable contract translation services may cost you a lot:

  • Adding cost to repeated translations due to poor contract translation service.
  • Legal impediments due to wrong translations of contract provisions.
  • Business delays and transaction repetitions that can cause your business time and money.

Portuguese to English contract translation is necessary not only when dealing with English-speaking countries, but also to other parts of the world. English contracts are standard for understanding and transacting.

These hitches can seriously impact your business and may stain your integrity. You need a translation service that will preserve your business’ reputation and ensure smooth business transactions.

Our Portuguese to English translation services offer:

  • Professional translation service you can rely on.
  • Conducted by a team of experts in English and Portuguese legal writing.
  • Fast turnaround time for business convenience.

Contract Translation Tips

Our Contract Translation services cover a multitude of business and professional grounds, having delivered quality translation services to countless clients in Portugal and around the world over the years. Exceptional translation service for English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English translations offer tremendous advantages for your business transactions.

Working closely with our clients to ensure every part of the translation process and the final output fits perfectly to their expectations, needs and preferences. We have created a seamless translation work process that have proven to work in favor of our clients over time. This is made stronger by our culture of transparency, professionalism, and collaborative attitude towards work.

You can get reliable contact translation services for your every need. As we work with the following:

  • Local Legal System Analysis
  • Legal Text Expansion
  • Legal Text Elimination
  • Subject Matter Considerations
  • Key Local Legal Terminology

Types of Portuguese Contracts

There are many different contracts in Portugal that businesses and employers need to create. We have both the experience and the expertise of helping you with these legal documents as you do business in Portugal and internationally.

Among commonly drafted Portuguese Contracts include:

  • Fixed-Term Contract-  Normally limited to 6 months but can go shorter or longer up to 3 years.
  • Contract of an unspecified duration- Contracts that lasts as long as necessary.
  • Very Short Duration Contract- Contracts with a 60-day limit.
  • Intermittent Contract- Contracts for activities that are intermittent in nature or one with varying frequency. Here the employee must be employed for a total of six months per year with four consecutive months of employment.
  • Part-time Contract- For work that is less than 75% of a full-time work schedule.

Contracts in Brazil & Portugal

Any contract to be signed and to be fulfilled in Brazil and Portugal, according to national laws of each country, has to be translated and signed in Brazilian and Portuguese accordingly This is applicable to all contracts binding inside the country and even in dealing with other countries.

Sworn Translation in Brazil is necessary for all contracts done in Brazil. This is done by a translator with seals and ID, duly recorded in an official book provided by the Brazilian government. The translator must not only have the capacity to make the sworn translation but also be approved in a state-level public examination and meets the minimum language fluency standards.

Portuguese sworn translation is a basic and standard contract requirement when employing and doing business in Brazil.

In drafting employment contracts in Portugal and Brazil, the following must be specified:

  • Identification of the employer
  • Identification of the employee
  • Object of the contract, including the tasks to be carried out and payment
  • Starting date of the contract, and date of expiry if for a fixed term
  • Indication of the duration with justification for this
  • Location of the job
  • Normal working times

Popular Portuguese Contract Terms

While contract terms in Portugal is the same as that in Brazil, there are some things that worth noting.

Contracts terms in Portugal also follow the following:

  • Fixed-Term Contract
  • Contract of an unspecified duration
  • Very Short Duration Contract
  •  Intermittent Contract
  • Part-time Contract

When drafting Portuguese contract terms, the following must be put into consideration:

  • Work hours in Portugal usually begins at 9amuntil 1pm with a two-hour break for lunch, and then resumes at 3pm until 7pm.
  • 40 hours is the maximum legal working hours, with 22 working days leave entitlement, and 12 obligatory public holidays with 2 optional holidays.
  • During June and December, employees receive compensation bonus equivalent to one month’s worth of salary.
  • Portuguese worker rights including terms of salary, housing, working conditions, vocation training and social security apply to ALL who works in the country.
inviolabilidade de contratos
sanctity of contracts
isentar a outra (parte) de responsabilidade
hold the other harmless
direitos e reivindicações
rights and claims

Legal Systems in Brazil & Portugal

The legal systems in Brazil and Portugal is based on a family of the family of civil law legal systems with roots from Roman Law. The system is based on legislations and codes enacted by the federal legislature power then by legislatures from states and municipalities. Both countries are formed by the union of the states, municipalities, and the Federal District. The government is composed of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

When it’s time for businesses to work indifferent countries, proper legal contract translation is essential to their business. Reach out to us today for legal contract translation services you can count on.

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