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Spanish legal translation

ContractsGlobal has a network of legal professionals in Latin America, Spain, and the United States to support translating contracts and agreements into and out of Spanish. Our solution supports translating contracts for use in Spanish speaking countries or negotiating contracts with a Spanish speaking party.


Spanish legal translation services

Spanish has become a major business language in many regions in the world. One of the most notable growth areas is the United States and companies engaging with the Spanish speaking consumers. Companies also target expansion into Latin America and Spain within the EU. All of these areas have different dialects and strategies that need to be considered when translating contracts for legal use. Below are the services ContractsGlobal can help you with.

  • Contract translation for use with Spanish speakers

  • Contract adaption to local legal systems

  • Contract negotiation for Spanish speaking party

  • Playbook creation for new contracts and contract updates 

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Spanish document translation services we offer

Contract Negotiation

Adapt and translate agreements to be used in international markets that fit the legal system and key terminology.

Contract Negotiation

Translate redlines during the contract negotiation process to empower US contract teams to handle international negotiations.

We were very happy with the service, quick turnaround, and communication updates you provided

Risk, Compliance, Tech Services & IP Sr. Manager at Electrical Manufacturing Company


From a legal perspective, their translators often pick up errors in the documents or leave drafting notes for consideration, which is particularly valuable to me.

Sr. Counsel, RingCentral



Spanish speaking lawyers and law clerks

Spanish Speaking Lawyers

Lawyers in LATAM, Spain, and US

Industry Specialists

Experience with US Law

Spanish Speaking Clerks

Legal Education

Spanish Legal Translation Experience

Project Managers

Legal Project Management

Language Project Management


What customers are say about our Spanish translations

We use ContractsGlobal for our commercial contracts across Europe. We are very pleased with the quality of the work and responsiveness of the team. We have been able to reduce internal time coordinating with different providers and save legal costs. We would recommend partnering with this vendor.

- Senior Commercial Counsel, Technology Company

Spanish contracts and agreements

ContractsGlobal translates a variety of Spanish contracts and agreements. A high volume of our work relates to online agreements put in place with a company's customers. We also translate contracts related to business operations and sales and marketing. Below is a list of some of the contracts we routinely translate:

  • Online Agreements

  • Customer Contracts

  • Privacy Policies

  • Terms of Service

  • Master Service Agreements

  • Vendor Contracts

Contract translation and adaption

ContractsGlobal has developed a proprietary process to deliver high quality contract translation to our customers. We understand the performative functions of legal contracts and challenges in drafting contracts for use in international markets. We work closely with our customers to deliver high results while showing great cost savings relative to law firms.

  • Local Legal System Analysis

  • Legal Text Expansion

  • Legal Text Elimination

  • Subject Matter Considerations

  • Key Local Legal Terminology

Legal Contracts in Spanish

Within the US, there are roughly 50 million Spanish speakers which has prompted countries to translate their legal contracts into Spanish. These contracts are still Governed by US law in the US, and it is important to make sure you use a 'Prevailing Language Clause' in case there are disputes between the language. 

Contract law in Latin America has been regional for a very long time but there are recent efforts in harmonization. In Spain, a contract does not need to be in any particular form to be legally binding. As long as the basic elements of a contract exist (concurrence of wills of the parties (offer and acceptance), purpose, and cause of the contract), it does not matter if the contract is formalized on paper or online.

Spanish Translation Comments

Latin America versus Spain

When translating contracts into Spanish, it is important to consider the target audience and the language to be used. There is a difference between Spanish spoken in Latin America versus the Spanish spoken in Spain. There are also differences in legal language across different Latin American countries.

Spanish Text Expansion

Translating contracts into Spanish always yields an expansion of text. A translator may need to expand the text to make sure the contract is performing its function, but Spanish also naturally expands when being translated from English. This is important to keep in mind with things like pagination and budgeting.

Spanish Speaking Countries

Over 570 million people speak Spanish around the world. The top Spanish speaking countries are Mexico, US, Spain, and Colombia.

Largest Industries in Spanish Speaking Countries

The two largest industries in Latin America are agriculture and mining. The largest industries in Spain are tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and energy.


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